About us

Naš moto je profesionalizam, kvalitet i efikasnost u svim segmentima našeg poslovanja.

Who are we?


ompany Electra Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Sarajevo. Thanks to our staff with many years of experience we are able to ponuduti services in the field of electrical engineering, automation and low current systems.

Due to the growing trend to build business buildings, hotels, industrial facilities and modernization of existing, our company is available to provide high quality services to all interested investors and partners.

Our activities include:

  • Designing
  • Performance
  • Supervision

So far we have successfully operated on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on territories of Austria, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Somalia, and the Kingdom of Morocco.

High current installations

Distribution cabinets

We design and manufacture electrical cabinets for industrial buildings, offices, residential buildings, public buildings and facilities for special purposes. Cabinet dimensions are standardized, but depending on the site conditions may be different. Degree of protection depending on the conditions and the place of installation is from IP20 to IP55.


The choice of lighting the object, is decision which is influenced by various factors. Electra Ltd. is designing, calculating and installing installation of lighting for industrial buildings, offices, residential buildings, public lighting facilities for special purposes.


We offer design, reparation and commissioning service of MV and LV plants, substations 10 (20) / 0,4 kV 35/10 (20) kV.

Backup power supply

Generators are intended as a backup power source for large consumers, especially for those consumers whose activity does not suffer electricity blackouts. We carry the service of designing adding the unit in an existing installation.

Grounding instalations

Correctly and properly carried grounding is essential for the proper functioning of the lightning rod, and that installation should be given special attention. Installation is set in order to protect people and objects from the harmful effects of atmospheric electrical discharge. We carry service planning and grounding installation.

Reactive power compensation

One of the first steps in old buildings and installations, and inevitable thing in new buildings is electricity compensation. Installation of capacitor batteries and harmonic filtration solutions will not only achieve economic like reduction of costs for the consumed reactive energy, but will also achieve many other effects such as: increase the available power, reduction of losses in transmission lines, reducing Joules losses, reducing voltage drop and others. We provide planning and installation services.

Low current installations

Video surveillance

Video surveillance system is built in a way that allows the visual connection of one place with some other. In addition to standard video surveillance there is also IP system where each camera is a type of web server and is able to send picture directly to the Internet. We provide service planning and installation of complete systems.

Intruder alert systems

Intruder alert system is electronic and technical protection system intended for timely detection, recording, signaling, and reporting to the owner of the object and other persons in charge of security, about burglar activities. They are suitable for protecting almost all structures and sites, and are widely used for protection of apartments, houses, offices, warehouses and others. We carry service of planning and installation of complete systems.

Access control

The purpose of access control is to protect against unauthorized entry into homes and businesses. The system can eliminate many security defects and reduce losses because it allows control and record entry, directing visitors, control the movement of visitors and employees, a time limit of movement, access to the management authority with the central administration, monitoring and detection of abuse of authority and protection of areas of special importance. We carry service of planning and installation of complete systems.

Computer networks

Računarska mreža je jedna od najbitnijih komponenti i preduslova svakog informacionog sistema. Informacioni sistem poslovnog sistema se najjednostavnije može opisati kao jedna ili više baza podataka kojima zaposleni pristupaju preko svojih aplikacija (softvera). Kako su zaposleni fizički udaljeni od pomenutih baza podataka da bi pristupili podacima neophodno je da postoji računarska mreža koja ih povezuje. Mi vršimo uslugu projektovanja i ugradnje.
Computer network is one of the most important components and preconditions of any information system. The information system of the business system can be simply described as one or more databases which employees access through their application (software). Because employees are physically distanced from mentioned databases, to access the data computer network that connects them is needed. We carry service planning and installation.

Antenna systems

Received signal can be satellite and terrestrial, whose processing and distribution provide a common antenna system throughout the facility. We carry service of planning and installation.

Q systems

Electronic system for establishment of order in the waiting rooms is used in institutions that provide various services to clients. The basic purpose is to establish the order in which the parties are waiting for a particular service. We carry service of planning and installation of complete systems.



PLCs are an effective and powerful systems that can monitor and manage the work of up to several thousand inputs and outputs. PLC can also be considered as one special type of computer which is intended to manage different kinds of industrial processes. We carry service of planning and installation of complete systems.


SCADA (eng. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a computerized system for monitoring, measurement and control of industrial systems. Each process in the industry that needs to automate is an excellent candidate for the use of SCADA systems. Electra Ltd. has many years of experience creating SCADA systems at facilities such as Elektroprivreda, BH Telecom, SCC, Al Jazeera and others.

DDC controllers

DDC controllers are used for the purpose of easier and more efficient control of technological processes, control circuits and control activities so that all aspects of building thermodynamics can take place automatically. Electra Ltd. perform service of planning and installation of complete systems.


Telemetry is a technology that allows remote measurement and administration of data to the system designer or operator. Electra Ltd. has successfully implemented telemetry systems in many industrial facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and some of them are aqueduct Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Jajce, Kakanj thermal power plant and other industrial facilities.

HVAC controllers

HVAC (eng. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) includes all subsystems that realize the functionality of heating, cooling and ventilation of specific area. This refers to mechanical systems, controllers, and devices in the field (valves, sensors, etc.). Electra Ltd. performs programming aforementioned controllers, installation of equipment in the field, commissioning, as well as other work related to these systems.


Electra Ltd. make own projects working only on licensed softwares such as TIA Portal, Simatic, WinCC, SoMachine, TwidoSoft etc